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Beacon Books (4 vintage adult paperbacks, 1958-59)

Beacon Books (4 vintage adult paperbacks, 1958-59)

SKU: 125762

New York: Universal Publishing, 1958-59. Four vintage lurid paperbacks, published by the makers of Uni-Books, prominent digest "sleaze" of the 1940s, & arguably the first giant of adult paperbacks. Beacon produced great romance literature, Westerns, crime fiction, backwoods, swamps, hotels, & other common themes, often by big-name authors under various pseudonyms, w/ the employ of the day's finest artists. Lurid but still without certain 4-letter words. Very Good unless noted. HILL HELLION! - B177, 1958. Lon Williams. Backwoods. VG+. SHAME - B198, 1958. March Hastings (Sally Singer). Prostitution. THE ADULTERESS - B214, 1959. Lon Williams. Darcy (Chiriaka) cover. Shacks, "scarlet letter" theme. G. THE DIVORCEES - B246, 1955. Reprint. Scott Stone. Nightclub singers.  [Book ID: 125762]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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