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Beautiful Britons (5 vintage British pin-up magazines, 1950s-60s)

Beautiful Britons (5 vintage British pin-up magazines, 1950s-60s)

SKU: 125574

Staples, R.T (ed., mgr.); J.D.W Hancock (advertising, circulation); Robin Brewster (photo ed.); Marjorie Smith (deputy ed.)


Beautiful Britons [The Magazine of "Eye" Appeal] [incorporating "Lovely Ladies"] (5 vintage digest pinup magazines, 1950s)


London, UK: Town & Country Publications, 1950s-60s. 4.5 x 7 inches, B/W throughout, 51pp. Five issues of the vintage British digest pinup magazine (non-nude), featuring glamour photography of women by British photographers, often iconic models like Lorraine Burnett, Rosa Dalmai. Occasional layouts of playful gal pals. A title that seems to get better through the years, some later issues featuring Britain's greatest adult filmstar & sex advocate, Mary Millington. Each issue featured jokes, cartoons (Rovi, etc.), fiction, centerfolds. Distributed by Surridge, Dawson & Co. (UK), Gordon & Gotch (New York).


V5 N49 - Ann Smyrner cover/3pp, cute blonde Gloria Field 6pp, Lee Anderson 1pp, Anne Hart 1pp, buxom Camelia Manson 1pp, Norma Gordon dressing 4pp, Jane McKay white heels 5pp, Monique outdoors 7pp, Paula Barry 6pp, John Pendragon short story, Marianne Bonner 2pp.

V5 N50 - Jo Waring cover/5pp, Jane McKay 8pp, Alan Kent human endurance essay, sweet Jill Lucienne 5pp, Ann Hayes 3pp/centerfold, Kim-and-Kiss-Me 2pp/2ctr, Sue Halsey outside in heels 7pp, leggy Cindy Lee 5pp.

V7 N79 - Eve Eden (Rosa Dalmai) cover, Nikki Merril 8pp, happy blonde Lynn Joyce phone call 8pp, Margaret Senior magician fiction, Colony Restaurant dancers (Sandu Sandy Scott, Sandra Maxwell) 4pp, leggy Glynis Powell 7pp, Cynthia Davis 6pp, blonde Angela Jones 5pp, curvy Jane Matthews 6pp.

V7 N84 - fit Joy West cover/2pp, Susan Douglas hat/heels 9pp, R. Meadows letters fiction, sweet blonde Sheree Winton 3pp, leggy June Cook white heels 8pp, dusky Carmen Dean 4pp/ctr, blonde Fay Stevens outside 6pp, ginger Rikki Haynes 4pp, Poppy Day ad, Asian Julie Cobb 5pp.

V8 N89 - Catherine Brydon in snow cover/9pp & Catherine Small, buxom legend Margaret Middleton 7pp, Janette Goodman & Mary Graham fence in heels 9pp, K.M.W. supernatural fiction,  Scilla Gabel 1pp, Lorraine Burnette 1pp, blonde Renate Hutte 1pp, Carmen Dene 1pp, Tina Ryatt house work 7pp, Asian Tsai Chin centerfold, Gig Havjo 5pp, Susan Douglas "Toco Prints" ad.


Solid Very Good overall, rubbing, price notations to fronts. [Book ID 125574] [Magazines]


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