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Bed of Fear / Love Doctor (2 Vintage sleaze paperbacks)

Bed of Fear / Love Doctor (2 Vintage sleaze paperbacks)

SKU: 125710

Duperrault, Doug; Florence Stonebraker (authors)

New York: Stanley Library, 1959. Both feature familiar-faced model (possibly Barbara Nichols), & lusty stud, true 50s fashion. The blonde takes the cake! Love Doctor (Stonebraker, SL-70 / Croydon, 1959. First printing of this edition. Reprints Croydon no. 24, 1952. Design Donald Axelrod; photo Charles Kell. Delicious blonde in fishnets/black robe, stout & serious doctor on the bed removing (or putting on) a shoe. Black/white vignette photo of reclining blonde on rear cover. A doctor and his new wife realize their marriage was doomed, both resorting to their single and mingling pre-marriage lifestyles. Corners lightly rubbed, presumed distributor date stamp on first leaf, else about Fine. Bed of Fear (Duperrault, SL74, 1959. Beatnik theme from short-lived publisher. Duperrault authored several of these "sleaze" novels, including some for Croydon publishers. Very Good).  [Book ID: 125710]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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