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Bedtime Books (11 vintage adult paperbacks, 1984-85)

Bedtime Books (11 vintage adult paperbacks, 1984-85)

SKU: 125525

N. Hollywood, CA: American Art Enterprises, 1984-85. Vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, featuring photo cover illustrations, & many themes featured. Standard photo cover design, then later unique frilled lace garter & topless model photo covers. Reprints earlier editions, with former titles usually stated on copyright pages. Possibly related to Bedtime Books from the 1960s. Ties to Gourmet Video. TRAVELLING ORGY - BTB104, 1984. Jackie Sarti. Sexy hitchhikers. "Pacific News" sticker on rear. HAND MAID - BTB105, 1984. Ned Jenkins. Office affair, parties. "Pacific News" sticker on rear. BED ACTION FOR THREE - BTB108, 1984. Rhonda Milford. Forbidden love. SEX AT EVERY DOOR - BTB116, 1984. Anne Wilks. Salesgirl. NUDE MODEL - BTB124, 1984. Steven Gordon. Cultural Arts Center model turns tricks. CROSS COUNTRY SEX - BTB126, 1984. Ralph Cosgrove. Sexy hitchhikers. CRUISE OF ECSTASY - BTB131, 1984. Bob Fellows. Mexican Riviera. JESSICA'S DESIRES - BTB139, 1985. Larry Clifton. No rep titles stated. Dr's receptionist. FUN LOVING GAIL - BTB142, 1985. Barry Larson. Sexy coed, footballers. "Pacific News" sticker on rear. FLOATING SEX SHIP - BTB148, 4/1985. Chrissy Peterson. Reps 1970 "The Mouth Sinners" & 1974 ed. LUST LOVERS - BTB163, 8/1985. Jeff Kyle. Reps 1970 "The Lust Lovers". Sex rituals, covens. VG+ overall, most are remainders. [Book ID 125525] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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