Bee-Line Book: Orpheus Original series (17 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125777

Gordon, D.M. and James Hillman, Joseph Reynolds, Alexander Keith, Ellis Condor, Stuart Jason, Eddie O'Farrell, Frank Moore/Dalton Edwards, Nancy Abbott, Gregorio Quintero, A. De Granamour, Larry W. Holmes, Martin Henry, Robert Davis (authors)

New York: Bee-Line, 1968-71. Seventeen vintage adult paperbacks, featuring illustrated but rather bland printed yellow wrapper, with a nude woman in a big O. Many themes explored, 4-letter words nearly rampant. Reader's delight, no frills in design. Highlights include.   The Sins Of Lady Chalfont (OB505, 1968) Evil Seed (OB509, 1968) Memoirs Of A Well Spent Youth (OB510, 1968) Descent Into Evil (OB519Z, 1968) Love Pirate (OB529N, 1968) Very Good Plus overall, a few lesser. Full collation upon request.   [Book ID: 125777]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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