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Beeline Banner & Beeline Classics (5 Vintage Adult Paperbacks)

Beeline Banner & Beeline Classics (5 Vintage Adult Paperbacks)

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Beeline Banner & Beeline Classics (5 Vintage Adult Paperbacks)


NY: Carlyle Communications, 1974-75, 77. 1974-75, 1977; Kable News (dist.), catalog lists present. Color photo covers. Five vintage paperbacks, adult erotic novels. Very Good Plus overall, light rubbing and toning, foxing, tiny creases, and notes below. All are scarce titles. 

From the estate of Andrew J. Offutt, author of science-fiction, fantasy, and erotica. He's credited with "Stantoons" and "Blunder Broad" fetish illustration digests, and he was an avid science fiction author noted for "Conan"-themed fantasies, debuted as a published writer in 1951, and wrote 100s of erotic novels pseudonymously as John Cleve, Turk Winter, John Denis, Jeff Morehead, Opal Andrews, and others. His "Spaceways" series is perhaps the ultimate epic of science fiction and erotica. 


The Exhibitionist - Lee Wyatt; Bee Line [Books] BL-5216, 1974; Horny photographer, group love, Dallas (TX). VG+, rubbing, foxing. Inscribed by Wyatt, who states another title "Candid Action," to Andrew J. Offutt and his wife. Caer Ged, a fantasy writer, also wrote "The Flesh Hunters" and "The Coming of Cormac."

Housewife's Sex Trip - Judy Royer; Bee Line Books BL-5292-T, 1975; Housewife, Newlywed, Swinging; VG+, foxing, rubbing.

69 Ways - Lilly White; Bee Line Books BL-5304-R, 1975;    Army, Tokyo; VG+, foxing.

The Degradation of Wanda - Sandy Stephan; Beeline Banner Book BL-5328-R, 1975; NY, Prostitution, B/D/S/M; VG+, foxing, brief dampstain.

Beach Ball Blonde - Malcome Kain [Joe Oglesby]; Beeline Classic BL-5486-R / ISBN: 0503054666, 1977; Florida, vacation, beaches, orgies; VG, lean, foxing, rubbing. Signed to Offutt and his wife, with "Christmas Cheer" by Kain, dated 12/3/77. Joe Oglesby, who signed other Offutt copies, wrote as Kain. For mature, consenting audiences. 


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