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Belarski, cover art (3 vintage paperbacks, 1950s)

Belarski, cover art (3 vintage paperbacks, 1950s)

SKU: 125930

Erskine, John, and Helen Reilly, Hodding Carter (authors); Rudolph Belarski (cover art)

New York: Popular Library, 1948-50. Three vintage paperbacks featuring standout cover art by Rudolph Belarski, a Pennsylvania native & heyday pulp magazine artist who found a fresh breath painting lurid covers for digest & paperback publishers. Noted for bright, detailed images of women, especially women in peril & femme fatale, including the infamous "nipple cover," an example represented. Arguably the best of the early paperback realists. The Private Life of Helen of Troy (147, 1948, Erskine. "Nipple cover," featuring blonde in white transparent gown, Trojan horse in background). The Doll's Trunk Murder (211, 1949, Reilly. Peril cover, tape & ropes, knife hand). The Winds of Fear (300, 1950, Carter. Fantastic blue shirt, interracial cover, racial novel of the South). Very Good overall.  [Book ID: 125930]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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