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Betty Brosmer Calendar Sample

Betty Brosmer Calendar Sample

SKU: 127354

Weider, Betty aka Betty Brosmer


Champagne Bubbles (Vintage calendar topper)


N.p.: [A. Fox], 1957. Original salesman sample calendar topper featuring model Betty Brosmer. Full-color, white border, blank verso, approx. 12 x 16.5 inches. Samples like this were advertisement fodder for salesmen and mobster cronies, varying in size but most often used as toppers (decorative backings) for calendars, the target audience being men or any auto mechanic or exactly the kind of person dealing with those cronies. Here, Betty enjoys a glass while catching her falling blue garment. Very Good Plus, long lower corner crease. For mature, consenting audiences. Shipped rolled.  [Book ID 127354]


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