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Between Us (Vintage magazine, Jul-Aug 1950)

Between Us (Vintage magazine, Jul-Aug 1950)

SKU: 125520

New York: Ardee Publications, 1950. V1 N4, Jul-Aug 1950. Distributed by Kable (presumed), with their tiny "K" on the front. Larger format magazine (approx. 10.25 x 13.5 inches), b/w throughout, color cover, 50 pp., devoted to celebrity sightings, sports, world happenings, war events, and more, with an emphasis on scantily clad women wearing high heels and pantyhose. Lots of full-page photographs. Short-lived, likely less than 100 issues. Scarce. Therese Du Haine cover, Peggy Castle, early actresses, Suzanne Toffel, Bill Corum, Ken Murray, Joan Baily, Pat Irwin, Patricia Wynne, famous cleavage, Henry Rosenfeld, Ray Kyle & Jill Melford, Marilyn Karnes, Jeanne Carmen, Ruth Clair, Suzette Lawrence, Mrs. Harrison Williams, Leonore Amar, Maggy Gould, Phyllis Kirk, Caroline Leonetti, Coco clowns, Vera Rol, Julia & Darvas. Photographers: Globe, Pix, Marinuzzi, Leo Fucks, Latham, Vita, Howell Conant, Rockfield, Penguin, Dienes, Graphic House, Muky, Ewing Kraining, Bill Mark, Earl Leaf, Zerbe, Keystone, Fischman, Conover, European. VG+, short spine tears, faint foxing. [Book ID 125520] [Magazines]


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