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Black Lust (Vintage Adult Paperback)

Black Lust (Vintage Adult Paperback)

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Harding, Kenneth


Black Lust (Vintage Adult Paperback)


New York: Consolidated Publishing, 1969. Satan Book [Satan Press] SP308; $1.95 cover price, distributed by Star Distributors, their logo on the front. Vintage adult paperback. Eerie Satan's head vignette, not to be confused with Satan Press (1960s, Bilbrew illus. covers), but presumably second phase of that imprint. Noted as "Satyr Books" in checklist at the rear. Later issues black background and photo-illustrated. 


Angry jazz cats keep white women under wraps. Harding was a Star Dist. regular, penning classic 1970s bondage-theme titles "Spanking to Climax" and "Blood, the Lash, and Camp De Sade." 


Consenting audiences only, 4-letter words rampant. Very Good Plus, slight lean, rubbing, light toning.


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