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Body Talk (10 vintage adult paperbacks, 1983-84)

Body Talk (10 vintage adult paperbacks, 1983-84)

SKU: 125528

N. Hollywood, CA: American Art Enterprises, 1983-84. Vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, featuring eye-catching topless model photo cover illustrations, & heavy strong female lead characters. Some titles reprint earlier editions. Marlowe Sales & Gourmet Video ad forms present. PASSIONS OF MIMI - BTL106, 1983. George Esterville. Sunset Strip cocktail waitress. SHIRLEY GETS HERS - BTL111, 1984. Howard Ansley. Caterers. LUSTY PAULA - BTL112, 1984. Frances Sibley. Hospital nurse. TRAVELING THE SEX LANE - BTL116, 1984. Frances Sibley. Sexual awakening, football stud. HOT BED HOTEL - BTL120, 1984. Frances Sibley. Office girl becomes room service girl. STARTING BY HAND - BTL123, 1984. Howard Ansley (George Esterville on cover). Same as "Hand Maid" (BTB105, 1984). MASSAGE PARLOR SECRETS - BTL127, 1984. Howard Ansley. Bored housewife. ANNA'S WILD ORGIES - BTL128, 1984. Frances Sibley. Vietnam vet & gal in San Francisco country. FRANK'S HUNGRY MOUTH - BTL133, 1984. George Esterville. Jailbird heads to Los Angeles. WHORE'S HARD NEED - BTL153, 1984. Ben Davidson. No rep titles stated. Interracial, lechers, lesbians. VG+ overall, most are remainders. [Book ID 125528] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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