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Bold (10 vintage adult digest magazines, 1968-69)

Bold (10 vintage adult digest magazines, 1968-69)

SKU: 125598

Kenilworth, Paul (editor); Maury Swift, Elyse Quimby, Juan Castillo (editors)
New York: Stories, Layouts & Press, 1968-69. Ten vintage adult digest magazines, formerly called "Eye," a high-spot digest title at the height of modern sexual liberation. Models/photographers par or better, photography credits not regularly credited. Folded sometime in 1970s, issued at least 1 standard-size "Best of." Distributed by PDC, member CWP logo on front panels. Ties to Foto-rama, & Photo Life magazines. Volume 2 numbering system irregular. V2 N2, March 1968: Candy Earle front panel June Palmer as Snookie, hippie drugs, Scarlett Fever, Pat Barringer. V2 N3, May 1968: Marie Mae (Bonnie Logan), Carol Poll, London jockeys, Janie Jax, Fae Frye, vice, World Free Style Wrestling, celebrities, Swedish Sonja, celebs in glasses, Saigon afternoon, Cindy Reid & Harrison Marks, Lynn Reeves vignette, Bay of Biscay, Himalayan hippies, Hilda Lemain on plush pillows, Diane Curtis ad. V2 N5 [N4], June 1968: Olga Lore, buxom Leslie, Jackie Bly, bicycles, lithe Maria, Latinas, Patty Duke actress, antiwar films, Brazil mother, English films, Lynn Reeves as Sandy 3pp, presidential assassinations, sex drugs (Sequin Garner vignette), Ducal Manor love-in. V2 N5, August 1968: June Saylor, Terri Tarynor garters, licking, far-out fashion, Chinese Ming Fu Toy, White Bear Lake Carnival, Vicky Kennedy & Lorraine Burnett vignette, house favorite Diane Curtis as Janine Humphrey 3pp, Donna Doreen & stuffed toy, Mary Philipe outdoors, wood dresses, cryosurgery, Oregon St. penitentiary, Zulma Faiad, blonde Peaches & horse. V2 N7, September 1968: Marcia March, Katy Durrell, Cassie Carson, Inga Sclorska, blonde Laura Larkin, nudie films, Winnie Southern, 2 girls & skeleton, "Helga" German film, Gertie Galore go-go, Anita Ventura jailhouse, vignettes (Lisa Matthews, Diane Curtis). V2 N8, October 1968: Candy Earle front panel, Terri Topper, Susan Berlin, soccer girls, obscene phone calls, several multi-girl layouts, swinger resorts, Parisian Marlene, paddling, Liza Laurence rear panel, vignettes (Peter Sellers). V2 N10, January 1969: smoker front panel, Lila Lorn, Ohio jailbreak, bears bathing, Anita Finger, mad doctor gases, Sam Baker on European lovers, Manila banking, drug monkey, 2 girls/hose, Glenda Spear pasties rear panel, ads (Bettie Page, Marge Middleton), Lili St. Cyr lingerie, vignettes (Mickey Jines, June Palmer, Twiggy). V2 N11, February 1969: Helen Webber, Rosanna Reed, girls massaging, manatee, Tina Robert long nails, sultry blonde Roz Barnes, Lilah Gardenia, drug-abuse exposé, water skiing, Kim Knowles as Susie Simpson 3pp, buxom April Angiers, Candy Earle 3pp, Michelle Angelo 1pp, Riva Rivera rear panel, ads (Michelle Angelo, Bettie Page, Cherrie Knight). V3 N1, May 1969: Buxom blonde front panel, strip parties, Black Nancy, Helga Tulin, body painting, Angie Akers, Donna Dennison. V3 N3, June 1969: House favorite Frankie Hires front panel Anita Ventura dancing, Penny Bendle, pert Pat Paulson. B/W/Color throughout, ~100pp, side-stapled, 5.25 x 7 inches. Very Good Plus overall. Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013.  [Book ID: 125598]  [Magazines]


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