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Brighton Books (11 vintage adult paperbacks, 1974-77)

Brighton Books (11 vintage adult paperbacks, 1974-77)

SKU: 125509

Chatsworth (later, Canoga Park), CA: American Art Enterprises or Publisher's Consultants (presumed, none stated), 1974-77. Vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, notable for its employ of Barclay & Brandon House authors, featuring monochrome cover illustrations on white wrappers, themes include sex fetishes, workplace sex, BDSM, clubs, & swingers. Other Parliament titles of ilk connected to Liverpool & Corinth/Greenleaf, this line tied to Regent House. 4-letter words widely used. VG overall. ORAL LIB - 133. Musetta Cepri (Mimi Price). "Case study," 5 wives. THOSE ANAL WIVES - 156. Jack Benjamin (Gordon Strunk). "Case study," 5 wives. SEX AD SWINGERS - 166. Sybil Sainte-Claire (Joanne Demarco?). "Case Study," Los Angeles. THE BOSS'S WIFE - 202, 1975. Mande Woljar (Dan J. Marlowe?). San Francisco, law firm. THE NO-HOLES-BARRED CLUB - 229, 1976. Kevin Charters (Larry G. Peters?). Insurance agency. Regent House ad cards intact. THE COCKSURE CLUB - 234, 1976. Ted Hudson (Jeremy Fey). "Case study," campuses. RH ad cards intact. "Pac. News" stamp top edges. WIFE IN HEAT - 312, 1977. Andy Stillman. Nympho construction wife takes a lawyer. THE WILLING WAITRESS - 313, 1977. Bob Harper. Monterey, cabins, roommates. RAUNCH FOR RENT - 314, 1977. Mike Murray. Lesbians, sexual awakening in new apartment. HER HUSBAND'S SLAVE - 327, 1977. Larry Mann. Florida, BDSM cures impotence! LUST FOR ROPES - 328, 1977. Jerry Hill. Sexual awakening, teachers.  [Book ID 125509] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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