Bristol Books: Derby Adult Series (4 vintage adult paperbacks, 1974-75)

SKU: 125505

S. Laguna, CA: Gloucestor Publishing, 1974-75. Iconic Corinth/Greenleaf logo on early issues, then TA (distributors). Housewife, nurse, call-girl themes. Bristol Books, or Bristol Library Press, presumably was an imprint of the prolific Liverpool line that printed thousands of titles under various imprints, including some w/ photographic cover art depicting many of the era's great nude models & adult film stars. This series featured illustrated b/w covers & ran about 50 titles, where other lines ran more, like Bristol (100+), or less, like Mayfair (30+). 4-letter words widely used. VG or better unless noted, all remainders. THE INNOCENT WIFE - DAS130, 1974. Jill Adrian. Los Angeles, swingers. TRAPPED INTO SIN - DAS132, 1974. Peter Wilson. DC call-girl, politics. THE CURIOUS NURSE - DAS144, 1974. James Kilmartin. Young rockstars, nympho nurse. THE SENSUOUS HOUSEWIFE - DAS157, 1975. Simon Harris. Bored at home. [Book ID 125505] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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