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BUF [Big Up Front] (Vintage adult magazine, August 1987)

BUF [Big Up Front] (Vintage adult magazine, August 1987)

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Rich, Howard, and R.B. Kendennis, Charles Lott (eds.); Ken Rogers (bus. mgr.); Barbara Amy Lee (subscrip.); Vic Martin, Bob Zahn (art); Mano DiCorsica, Zbignev V. Zalakovsky (writers)


BUF [Big Up Front] (Vintage adult magazine, August 1987)


River Edge, NJ: BUF Publications, 1987. Vol. 19 No. 4, $4.95 cover price, b/w/color throughout, color wrapper, 62pp, distributed by Kable, saddle-stapled quarto. Vintage adult magazine devoted to nude models with ample assets, and early title showcasing Rubenesque or "plus" models. Began as "The BUF Swinger" 1970s, 100+ issues over a decade, ceased as "BUF," with a nasty habit of not crediting photographers. Complements from Vic Martin and his bubbly erotic art, the title held a stern following. Christine Cooper in Bettie Page-like wig on cover/2pp as Dina (Christine seen elsewhere as Tina, popular in breast-fetish and UK titles), Liz contents/8pp/ctr, Vic Martin 6pp/"Joy Gorge" comic 3pp, Connie in pink/popcorn 6pp, Linda 8pp/ctr "Plumper of the Month," Debbs in fur hat 7pp/ctr, Bob Zahn 1pp, ads (Julia Parton as "Randy"). Near Fine, faint rubbing, two tiny spots on the front (printing flaw). Scarce year. For consenting, mature audiences.


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