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Cad Publishing (18 vintage adult paperbacks, 1969)

Cad Publishing (18 vintage adult paperbacks, 1969)

SKU: 125581

Coil, Samantha and Dr. Morris Thomas, Rachel Greene, Alicia Martos, I. Rider, G. Herrick, Lean & Moran, Cynthia Andero, Diana Bara, Mara Blanch, Cynthia Snow, Lavinia Rugan, Dick Long, Rita Howard, George Gordon, Jenny Loren, Angela Rod (writers)


New York: Cad Publishing Corp., 1969. Vintage adult paperbacks, published in New York in 1969, featuring illustrated but rather bland covers depicting a real cad, a man about town, with hat & cane, image reproduced on the rear. Short-lived adult fiction line, many themes featured, seems heavy on works by women. Generally undocumented; tied to the magazine? All VG+ unless noted. Included: THE FRENCH RESIDENCE; WE LESBIANS; BETWEEN MY LEGS; ANGELIQUE; LICKETY SPLIT - VG; LIPS; HOT CREAM - CP111. G; FOUR WIVES - CP113; LOLLIPOP - CP114. VG; THE CREAMY CHERRY TARTS - CP116. VG, remainder; LIGHT MY FIRE - CP118. VG, remainder; PUSSY HEIR - CP122. G; COME, COME AGAIN - CP123. G; SOFT FLESH - CP125. VG; PIPE CLEANER - CP127. G; LOVE JUICES - CP129. G; SEX CONFESSIONS - CP131. VG; ORGY LUST - CP132. VG. Reader's delight, no frills in design or distribution.  [Book ID: 125581]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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