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Calendar Samples (2 vintage calendar lithographs)

Calendar Samples (2 vintage calendar lithographs)

SKU: 125597

Brosmer, Betty (Weider), and Diane Webber (Marguerite Empey)
Philadelphia, PA: Amalgamated Lithographers, 1960s. NOTE: Samples bigger than my scanner, so I stitched two images to show what the complete item looks like. Two salesman samples featuring Betty Brosmer (Weider) and Marguerite Empey (Diane Webber). These would have been used as a calendar toppers, that is, the image placed at the top of a flip style or tear-sheet style calendar for use in places like auto shops or bookstores or any men's club. ​Printed in Philadelphia by the Amalgamated Lithographers of America, Local No. 14. Each is 12 x 16.5 inches, full-color lithograph, Near Fine. Bubbly curvy model and fitness guru, Betty Brosmer, is featured in blue nightgown with a bubbly beverage, the image titled "Champagne Bubbles" (series No. 8578). Clever. Curvy nudist queen, Diane Webber, is featured ready to set sail, photo likely by Russ Meyer, the image titled "Clear Sailing Ahead" (series No. 8568). Images from the same photo session would be used for the covers of men's magazines like MERMAID (1958) and THE VAGABOND (1961).  [Book ID: 125597]  [Calendars]


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