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Calendar toppers, nude overlays (6 vintage lithograph nudes)

Calendar toppers, nude overlays (6 vintage lithograph nudes)

SKU: 125576

Various cities: Various Publishers, Circa 1950s. Six full-color nude pinup lithographs with painted glassine/plastic overlay, circa 1950s. Peel back the overlay to reveal a naked beauty! These were used to in conjunction with calendars and aimed at generally male audiences. The salesperson presents these samples to prospective clients for use with promotional items like calendars or catalogs. Insurance companies and auto shops were primary customers. CUSHION CUTIE PENSIVE M. SILK N SATIN ALLURING PLATINUM BEAUTY HOW NICE - The model looks like Stella Stevens, but certainty is dim. All approx. 8 x 10 inches. Models unknown. Some show evidence of once being attached to something like a calendar, with bruising on the versos. Very Good Plus overall.  [Book ID: 125576]  [Calendars]


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