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Cameo Library (9 vintage adult paperbacks)

Cameo Library (9 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125444

California: Cameo Library, 1969-74. California, late 1960s-1970s. Some Cameo's are more visually stunning than others, and the line is notable for (presumably) its many books authored by Dean Koontz under pseudonyms. All VG unless noted. STUD UP - 8001, 1969. Elton Gannaway. Photo cover. SWAP MATES - 8085, 1971. Pat Elwood. Photo cover. Remainder. THE TIGHT SWAPPERS - 8107, 1971. Howard Bell. Photo cover. Remainder. HOT WIFE ON THE RUN - CC111, 1972. Jess Tanner. VG+. Hole-punch remainder. HER CARNAL VACATION - CC169, 1974. Robert Trent. Reading copy. PASSION BOND - CC172, 1974. Ben Roberts. Good. FLESH STREET - CC181, 1974. Millie Murphy. VG+. Hole-punch remainder. FORMER GIRL FRIEND - CC197, 1974. Bill Thomas. Almost NF. ORGASM: THE TECHNIQUES - CMO114, 1972. Compilation. Photo-illustrated b/w/color. [Book ID 125444] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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