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Caper (7 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1965-67)

Caper (7 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1965-67)

SKU: 125668

CT: Topical Magazines / Avant Publishing, 1965-67. Seven issues of vintage nude pinup magazines, primitively but solidly bound together at the spines, blank paper spine (blank paper wrapper & endpapers excised); uniformly trimmed. Presumably made by amateur binder or hobbyist, perhaps collected for certain authors/models/artists. Long-running Caper borne of 1950s humor & disappearing sometime before to the bourgeoning hardcore market made it just another title, benefitted from great photographers & models, quality writing, many with eye-grabbing layouts, notably the recalled issue from 1969.   B/W/Color. VG+ overall. Present in the volume: Vol X I N4, JUL 1965 (DeLong poolside, science fiction, Lutner, Hoest, Charles Rodrigues. Wendy Lutton, Anne Liscoe, Honor Blackman, Hindu love manual, Morna Richards). Vol XI N6, NOV 1965 (Ed Alexander, Bunny Yeager, S. Harris, Hoest, Mort Gerberg, Don Orehek, Emma Frost, "Mothra" creator Eiji Tsuburaya, Bobbie Shaw, Joyce & Penny Grafton yachting). VolX II N1, JAN 1966 (Bunny Yeager, Parisian underwater ballet, pirate treasure, Paul Brock, Jack Lohr, S. Harris, Moynihan, George Dole., June Mason, Marlene Nichols, Julia Fleming, tanned blonde). Vol XII N5, OCT 1966 (Raquel Welch, pyjamas, dominatrix Monique Von Cleef, Dixie Dean Harris, espionage spoof, esoteric minority groups, Hoest, Tony Fandino, homosexuality, transvestism, Dawn Grayson, motorscooters, Susan Kaye, Laurie Lanning).   Vol XII N6, DEC 1966 (Rita Thiel, shark fishing, steak, witch cartoons, Hoest, Marno, Pat Steir, Jai-alai, Cathy Crowfoot, suit fibers, Martinis, Lina Johnson, French fashion, Ellen Dawson). Vol XIII N2, APR 1967 (Leona Bray, Bunny Yeager, Martin Iger, drug cartoons, S. Harris, M. Gerberg, Hoest, Americo, Salerno, Lindensmith, Longtemps, Manent, Schochet, Dale Lang, Potjan, Bernadette Kell, fortune cookies, Ed Alexander & techniques, Boston, Irish Mickey O'Brien, tequila, Barbra Allen). V13 N4, AUG 1967 (Barbra, Erick Wilkins, Globe, John R. Hamilton, Bob Grant & John E. Boykin, Ray Hamilton, Kirby, Ed Alexander, Sid Latham, Maurice Forrester, Ron Wing, Bill Brewer, de Carlo, Liz Moore & Beatles busts, Colt revolvers, Carol & Lynn, California beach fun, Sally Winters, astrology)  [Book ID: 125668]  [Magazines]


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