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Cherrie Knight (2 original photographs, 1950s)

Cherrie Knight (2 original photographs, 1950s)

SKU: 125286

Cherrie Knight (2 original nude photographs, 1950s)


Two original black-and-white photographs of buxom burlesker and pinup, Cherrie Knight, likely distributed by a mail-order company similar to those run by the Klaw siblings. Cherrie was one of the bustiest on the burlesque circuit, like Tempest Storm, and both were fierce redheads. Cherrie's burlesque career was not long compared to her stripteasing compatriots, but she found work in sexploitation films like "Teaserama" and Russ Meyer's "Erotica." Her image seems to have ended comercially in the form of small ads for this type of material, found between the covers of 1950s and 1960s adult magazines.


Both photos 4 x 5 inches with borders, blank versos. About Near Fine. [Book ID 125286] [Photographs]


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