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Circle Library Edition (9 vintage adult paperbacks, 1976-77)

Circle Library Edition (9 vintage adult paperbacks, 1976-77)

SKU: 125963

Rock, George, and Todd Baxter, Norm Jackson, Hank Sweetroll, Frank X. Laser, Douglas Bruce, Alice Stewart, Stephen Marks (authors)


Chatsworth & S. Laguna, CA: Publisher's Consultants, 1976-77. Nine vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, featuring blue/white illustrated covers, many themes, including teachers & starlets. Maybe 25-50 titles total in series, most running under 200 pages. Similar to Parliament's Fireside Reader series, but less colorful.


The Seduction of Susie - CLE129, 1976. 1st person female. Teacher's Passion Student - CLE162, 1977. Prodigy goes to music school. Dude Ranch Romp - CLE165, 1977. Colorado, big city lawyer. 1977 World Sex Almanac - CLE169, 1977. Similar to "Ripley's" or the Guinness Book. Lust Letters to the Editor - CLE170, 1977. Erotic letters to publisher. Fernwood, Ohio, Fernwood Ohio: Part 1 - CLE177, 1977. Vacuum love cover; town of degradation, stag films. Fernwood, Ohio, Fernwood, Ohio: Part 2 - CLE178, 1977. The Corrupted Mother - CLE183, 1977. Army Oedipal. The Starlet - CLE185, 1977. Westwood & Santa Monica, psychiatrists.


Very Good overall, 2 remainder. [Book ID 125963] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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