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Classic Publications (5 vintage adult paperbacks, 1969)

Classic Publications (5 vintage adult paperbacks, 1969)

SKU: 125689

Henry, Nigel, Sterling Johns, Emerson Jiles (Lawrence Block?), Thomas Sinclaire, Mark Revel (authors)

Los Angeles, CA: Classic Publications, 1969. Five vintage adult paperbacks from a publisher noted for its deco-style wrapper design, and case study themed titles. Ties to Classic Mail Service. An uncommon imprint. Original Sex (Henry, NT881, 1969. Sex fetishes studied. Remainder. Very Good);. Illicit Orgasm (Johns, NT882, 1969. Women and prisons, lesbiana. Near Fine); Biography of a Femmerotic (Jiles [possibly Block, who wrote as Jill Emerson], NT894, 1969. "Case Study" report. "In Cold Blood" referenced in foreword. Bruise/stain to rear, lean. Good); Snow Bunny (Sinclaire, NT901, 1969. Cabin honey skiing and having salacious fun. Very Good Plus); The Puritan & the Prostitute (Revel, NT909, 1969. Forlorn guy and his addiction. Good).  [Book ID: 125689]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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