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Club (Vintage adult magazine, 1982)

Club (Vintage adult magazine, 1982)

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Raymond, Paul (publisher); Roger Sewell (ed.-in-chief); Jo Skaleski (US ed.); Roger Watt (art dir., assoc. ed.); Alan Pride (picture ed.); Ann Henning (asst.); Mark Pritchard (assoc. art eds.); B.T. & Company (photography); Leslie Dubbs, Hammond Media (advert. dir.); J.F. Bass, Marilyn Chambers, Karl Steiner, Paul Peters, David Alexander, Edward Carroll (contributors); Bill Tinney, Suze Randall, Dwight Fox, Diana Cochran (photog.)


Club (Vintage adult magazine, 1982)


Newtown, CT: Fiona Press, 1982. V8 N9, October 1982; distributed by Kable News, $3.25 cover price, full-color, 98pp, 8.5 x 11.75 inches, saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine devoted to pictorials of nude women, glamour & pornographic, sex news, film reviews, cartoons, fiction/nonfiction, forum, personals, centerfold art. Began February 1975 as American edition of "Club Confidential" with ties to "Men Only" magazine.


Blonde in red cover, Montezuma tequila ad rear cover. Mardi Gras, bikers, execution methods, Cindy Nelson as Susan, Marilyn Chambers editorial, Kalmann sadist nymphomaniac diary, Randy West & brunette in gym, Sylvia Kitt interview, sunny Caroline, Shtupperware parties, big rigs, goth troilism, "tether report," swingers, Melissa & Wendy in bed.


Very Good, lacking pp 57-62.  [Book ID 126389] [Magazines] 


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