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Cover Girl (Vintage Danish adult digest magazine, 1960s)

Cover Girl (Vintage Danish adult digest magazine, 1960s)

SKU: 126278

[Nordisk Bladcentral A/S]


Cover Girl (Vintage Danish adult digest magazine, 1960s)


Copenhagen: Nordisk Bladcentral A/S, 1960s. [V1] N6, 1960s; B/W/duochorome throughout, color foldout, 32pp, 6 x 8.5 inches, no cover price, saddle-stapled, glossy wrapper. Distributed by Central Magazine Sales (Baltimore), their order form rear inside. Vintage Danish adult digest magazine featuring nude women, Hippie & Mod esthetics, large earrings. Images culled by Central Magazine Sales from actual Danish publications for distribution to American audiences, Baltimore being at the forefront of importing European erotica & pornography.Series similar to Baltimore's "Tudor House Publications" imprint (1968-70s), boasting "Vibra-Color" inks, probably same source of content. "Figure Study" intent Introduction in English, German,  


Mod in nylons front/rear/fold-out centerfold, blonde wig & garter 9pp, lithe blonde white boots 8pp/fold-out centerfold, tan pert & hoop earrings 10pp; ads (Central Sales, Lotus Cine Films 8mm: Margaret Nolan, Lee Southern, Wendy Luton, Maxine Miller, Vera Novak, Paula Page).


Good, heavy wear to bottom edges. [Book ID 126278] [Magazines]


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