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Dansk Blue Books (5 vintage adult paperbacks, 1971, 1978)

Dansk Blue Books (5 vintage adult paperbacks, 1971, 1978)

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Dionne, Per, and Major D. Lawn, Leroy Biscayne, Harry Oakland, Bella Dietrich (writers)


Dansk Blue Books (5 paperbacks)


N. Hollywood, CA: Brandon House, 1971, 1978. Five vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, stated Denmark original publishers (but likely Brandon House). Original series was 1971, then reprints in 1978. Series title recalls Warhol's 1969 influential pornographic film, "Blue Movie," & subsequent Scandinavian genre of magazines & films. 4-letter words rampant, erotica. Ties to Regent House & Milton Luros of American Art Enterprises. Eye-grabbing cover art, similar to (or possibly) Schneider. Very Good Plus overall, light rubbing, a few spine creases, 3 are remainder, 2 with stickers.


The Kissing Cousins: DBB 104, 1971, Dionne, television, skiing.

The Orphan Girls: DBB 105, 2nd print 1978, Lawn, "Pac. News" rubber-stamp top edges. 

The Professor's Bride: DBB 111, 1978, 2nd print, Dietrich, US Navy, teacher's wife.

The Willing Graduate: DBB 112, 1978, 2nd print, Oakland, interracial cover, spoiled brat with "complex, maturing personality." 

The Peeping Lens: DBB110, 1978, Biscayne, Midwest, stag films. 


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