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Debutante Books (9 vintage adult paperbacks)

Debutante Books (9 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125945

New York: Star Distributors, 1979-82. Nine vintage adult paperbacks, a series from prolific modern distributor known for vast reprints of classic mid-century erotica. Star also released hundreds of original titles, many unsavory themes. Many lines, like Debutante, offered softer themes & cover art (often by Esposito), still w/ rampant 4-letter words & authors uncredited. Crown Productions ads at the back (until 1981, then Star, then CDL in 1982). ~20 titles/year issued, likely irregularly. Mary Jane (DEB109, 1979). Lace Panties (DEB114, 1979). Lollipop Lips (DEB118, 1980) Colored Girls (DEB132, 1980). The Maid's Daughter (DEB136, 1980). First Time (DEB138, 1981). End of Innocence (DEB142, 1981). Her First Orgy (DEB153, 1981). Passion Paradise (DEB176, 1982). Very Good overall, a few better, most remainder clipped.  [Book ID: 125945]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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