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Ditis (32 vintage French paperbacks)

Ditis (32 vintage French paperbacks)

SKU: 125661

David Alexander, John Evans, Charlotte Armstrong (2), Helen Nielsen, Genevieve Manceron (2), Michel Averlant (3), Noel Vexin & C. Cailleaux, Gil Perrault, Bruno Bax (2), John Creasey (2), Noel Vexin (2), Anthony Morton (5), Jean Pierre Ferriere, Frank Gruber, Francis Berg (2), Bernard Cheyenne (2), Dorothy Dunn, Patrick Laurier, and Alain Gree (authors)

France: Ditis, 1950s. Collection of 32 vintage French paperbacks, all crime fiction, Westerns, and Action, published by Ditis, an imprint of Beuchet & Vanden Brugge (Paris). Many of these are some of the earliest foreign reprints of American mass-market crime novels, some paperback originals, and they sport arguably the appealing cover art. Likeness of Marilyn Monroe and Sophie Loren painted on the front covers. Presumably the imprint only employed one artist, G. Benvenuti. The University of Michigan Museum of Art holds one of his paintings, as does the Firenze Gallery in Tuscany. At the least, 111 titles were published. A magnificent foundation for any international collector. All volumes approx. 4.5 x 6.5 inches, perfect-bound in semi-stiff wrapper. Moderate rubbing, a few with creases/price stamps/brief ink, most with spine leans. Very Good Plus overall.   [Book ID: 125661]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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