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Dover Press (4 vintage adult paperbacks, 1978)

Dover Press (4 vintage adult paperbacks, 1978)

SKU: 125512

S. Laguna, CA: Publisher's Consultants, 1978. Vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, featuring b/w cover illustrations on blue/tan wrappers, seemingly themes slightly rough in nature. Ties to Manchester Publications. Presumably short run, yet uncommon line. Forced Swap (DP124, 1978. Don Swenson; Carlos cover art. Supermarket blackmail, lesbians). Tropical Orgy (DP126, 1978. Henry Williams. Newlyweds in South America). Spanking the Babysitter (DP128, 1978. Anton Van Dam. Michigan City cottage setting). Devilish Daughters (DP133, 1978. Henry Dayton. Seattle, seductive hitchhikers). Very Good Plus overall, remainders. [Book ID 125512] [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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