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E.L. Publishing: L and F series (19 vintage adult paperbacks)

E.L. Publishing: L and F series (19 vintage adult paperbacks)

SKU: 125771

Pepper, Amos and Ken Martin, Perry Charles, Richard Cox, Ben Raymond, Blanch Vaughn, Donald Hard, Calder Wilson, Henry Cummings, Logan Stanwyck, Dell Ray, Shelby Cone, J. Demarco (authors)

New York: E.L. Publishing, 1968-69. Distributed by TNC (Trans-Nordic?). Nineteen vintage adult paperbacks featuring printed covers with colored borders, plain white rear panels, rather bland and cheaply made. Reader's delight, no frills in design or distribution. There was an F series, and several L series issues were staple-bound. Teen Swap (F3, 1969, Vg) Graduation Night (L17, 1968) The Amorous Adventures Of Two Girl Hitch-Hikers (L18, 1968, G) Puddicat Lane (L20, 1968) The Miracle Of The Foomtra (L21, 1968, Vg) Hollywood Swap Meet (L22, 1968) A Certain Vacation (L23, 1968, G) Sorority Swinger (L28, 1968) Dorothy's Wayward Life (L29, 1968, Vg) Cherry Willing (L30, 1968) Fraternity Swap (L32, 1968) Senior Prom Night (L34, 1968) Light My Fire (L35, 1968, Vg) Sleep-In Maid (L37, 1968, Vg) Easy Girls (L41, [1969], G, No Copyright Page) Letters Of Lust (L43, 1969) Class Re-Union (L46, 1969, G) Adventures Of A French Captain (L47, 1969, Vg) Private Girls School (L50, 1969) All Very Good or better, unless noted. Most remainders.   [Book ID: 125771]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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