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Easyriders (3 vintage motorcycle magazines, 1976)

Easyriders (3 vintage motorcycle magazines, 1976)

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Kimzey, Lou "barf" (ed.); Pete Chiodo, Jake, Brian Shifrin (photography); Antony Binns, Mossey Fern, Grease, Garbage, Weird Willie, Bill Flickinger, Harriet Janes, Duffy Duggan, Tom Kurtze, Hal Robinson, David Mann, John Hoss Ferrari, Foy Campbell, G.D. Peel, Duffy Duggan, Bob Dinlocker, John Watson, B. Armitage, J.J. Solari, Joyce Dizzy Fair, Bob Thompson, David Thacker, Don Lomax, Marc Cohen, Clem, Billy Tinney (contributors)


Easyriders (3 vintage adult motorcycle magazines, 1976)


Burbank, CA: Paisano Publications, 1976. Three vintage adult motorcycle magazines emphasizing motorcycle culture, featuring photography of nude women, biker clothing, novelties, editorial, news, amateur photos. Each issue advertised bikes, parts, gear, manuals, progressive lifestyles. Singular title simultaneously capturing two markets: one niche, one mainstream. All in original mailing wrappers.


V6 N36, May 1976: 95pp, "Easy Rider" cover/mug ad/4pp, Rick & Angela Jammer ad rear cover, Armond Bletcher, Robinson pot comic, 1960 H-D Sportster, 1949 H-D EL, 1958 H-D Sportster, Mann centerfold.


V6 N38, August 1976: 95pp, Mary Friedland cover/4pp, "Harley Heaven," blood runs, ABATE by state, panheads, 1948 H-D 74, "Miraculous Mutha," Daytona biker bash, Mann centerfold Uncle Sam & marijuana, 1965 H-D Sportster, 1958 H-D 74, ads (playing cards, Easyriders binder).


V6 N39, September 1976: 78pp, Maria Carlis cover, tattooing chest 2pp, aphrodisiacs, man-made 1941 H-D trike, 45 customs, Lomax comic, Mann hitchhiker centerfold, 1966 H-D shovelhead.


Very Good Plus overall. [Book ID 125611] [Magazines]


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