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Eric and Wife... and Neighbor (42 original photos, 1970s)

Eric and Wife... and Neighbor (42 original photos, 1970s)

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[Stanton, Eric and Britt]


Eric and Wife... and Neighbor (42 original photos, 1970s)


New York: N.p., 1970s. 42 original b/w photographs of fetish artist and publisher Eric Stanton, posing in several with his wife Britt, who wears black wig, corset, high boots, and garter belts, and together with with their pleasure-bound "captive," a woman in a blonde "Sweet Gwendoline" wig, white bra and garter belt, nylons and heels. Stanton and his wife take turns spanking the woman (who was actually a 21 year-old neighbor), or whipping her with a riding crop, happy in general at her dismay. Classy plush furniture and fixtures lighten the mood. Presumably Stanton printed these for loyal clients of his publishing services, or even likelier, for personal enjoyment. His wife Britt seems every bit the role of Stanton's greatest femmes, and the session here recalls the work of fetish precedent John Willie, whose illustrations of bound women ushered a new underground of erotic art. 


From the estate of Andrew J. Offutt, noted science-fiction, fantasy, and underground erotica writer, with his holograph notation on adhesive stationery detailing the persons seen in the photos. Stanton and Offutt were not only colleagues who collaborated on 100s of original works of erotic art and literature, notably "Stantoons" and "Blunder Broad" digests, they were close friends who regularly corresponded through letters, photographs, story and art proofs. These photographs were likely sent by Stanton to Offutt as reference material for future collaborations.


All photos 5 x 8 inches, thin white borders, with THIS PAPER MANUFACTURED BY KODAK watermarked on the versos. Near Fine overall, light toning and curling, a few slightly lesser, one Good only. For consenting, mature audiences.


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