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Eric Stanton and a "Dart Broad" (2 original photographs, 1980s)

Eric Stanton and a "Dart Broad" (2 original photographs, 1980s)

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[Stanton, Eric]


Eric Stanton and a "Dart Broad" (2 original photographs, 1980s)


New York: N.p., 1980s. Two original snapshot photographs of fetish artist Eric Stanton, in a Polaroid sitting at his draft table holding original art, with "The Dart Broad" in Stanton's ink (presumed) just below the image frame, and another photo posing at an art or comics convention with his wife Britt, who wears shiny knee-high boots and black spandex, akin to his illustrated dominatrixes, and who posed for Stanton's 1970s femme fetish photography. Scarce color images of Stanton that provide a clean glimpse of a "dirty" icon. 


From the estate of Andrew J. Offutt, noted science-fiction, fantasy, and underground erotica writer, but presumably not printed by him. Stanton and Offutt were not only colleagues who collaborated on 100s of original works of erotic art and literature, notably "Stantoons" and "Blunder Broad" digests, they were close friends who regularly corresponded through letters, photographs, story and art proofs. These photographs were likely sent by Stanton to Offutt, or perhaps taken by Offutt as the two traveled together. 


"Dart Broad" 4 x 4 inches, small white border, photo lab phone number printed on the verso, and convention photo 4 x 5.75 inches, borderless, printed on Agfa brand paper, both photos glossy. Near Fine. 


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