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Escapade (7 vintage adult magazines, 1958-79)

Escapade (7 vintage adult magazines, 1958-79)

SKU: 125800

CT / CA: Bruce Publishing / Escapade Corp., 1958-79. Seven vintage adult magazines, a title once PLAYBOY's strong competitors, w/ high production value, quality writing/illustration, and several layouts each issue & color centerfolds. Photographers included Graphic House, Bunny Yeager, Russ Meyer, Ed Alexander,Mike Tabb. Cartoons/art by Eugene Carlin, Lyons, Santo Sorrentino, Oscar Liebman, Dennis, Bill Brewer, de Carlo, Hector Garrido, Bob Tupper, Leo Dillon, Mike Mikos, Thrasher, Hank Chisolm, Reamer Keller, Engleman, Dawson, Lutner. Long lasting, classy, relatively raunchy in its later stages. Vol III N7, DEC 1958: Jackie Loughery cover, Stanley Ellison, sex in ads, Jeanne Fievez, OK Univ., hot-air balloons, Phil Silvers, Tina Louis ad, Japanese burlesque, Jeanne Gallagher, Bill Wenzel 1pp. Vol III N9, APR 1959: Joan Tabor cover, Even Hunter, Jack Kerouac, J. Loughery, U of CO, bulldogging, Vangie Johns, Julie Reding centerfold, Japanese bathhouses, Isaac Asimov, Bill Wenzel 1p, Agnes Laurent, B. Bardot ad. Vol V N2, FEB 1960: Eve Eden aka Rosa Dalmai, Claire Gordon, Beat poets, P.G. Wodehouse, Lynn Chandler centerfold, U of HI, Colt revolvers, Packard car portfolio, Jack Kerouac. Vol VIII N3, APR 1963: Imported cigarettes, Jane Fonda partying, automotive design, Bossa Nova, Melody Powell centerfold, Kathy Norris. V20 N6, NOV 1977: Karen Brown film ad, Yum Yum English vignette, blonde Honey, tan Mona, Long Jeanne Silver, nylons, softcore, Joyce chunky heels centerfold, Linda Linnear layouts, hot Nicole. V21 N5, OCT 1978: Erotic dreams, covergirl Kathi poolside, "cloning," pert tanned Tina, pickup lines, buxom bushy Wanda centerfold, white nylons, Sue, lesbian centerfold, knee boots Cherry centerfold, softcore, western fiction, Yum yum vignette. V22 N4, JUN 1979: Candy & rose, covergirl Nicole layout, Lisa black heels, softcore, Chunga ad, Linda Linnear vignettes, buxom fave Ann Schultz, lithe Sherry, Latin Lina centerfold, puffy Carly, lesbians, Clyda vignettes, Uschi/Rene Bond ads, Atlantic City girls, pink shag centerfold. Very Good overall.   [Book ID: 125800]  [Magazines]


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