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Escapade (7 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1962-64)

Escapade (7 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1962-64)

SKU: 125572

Derby, CT: Bruce-Royal  Publishing, 1962-64. Seven issues of vintage adult magazines, amateurly but solidly bound together at the spines, blank paper spine, front and rear blank covers excised. Highlights include: VII N2, February 1962 (Ondine Coryell, Lisa Taylor, Dawn Shannon); VII N3, April 1962 (Laura Cummings, Peggy Evans, Gigi Havjo, Lisa); VII N4, June 1962 (Lisa Crane, Cornell University, Sophia Dorn, Bill Wenzel, Laura Cummings); VII N5, August 1962 (Judy, Bill Wenzel, Sonny Liston, Gabby); VII N6, October 1962 (South African beads, McCartney [Bill Ward], Bill Wenzel, Brande Bello); VIII N1, December 1962 (Theodore Pratt, Neal Barrett, Jr., Tulane University, Louisa Reyneau, Art Lutner, Judy Parker, Bill Wenzel); V9 N1, April 1964 (Colette Berne, Gloria, Lisa Burke, Hoest, lady folksingers, Molly Peters). A fine men's magazine with some of the best fiction, articles, and photography. B/W/Color. Very Good Plus overall. Full collation details available upon request.   [Book ID: 125572]  [Magazines]


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