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Escapade (7 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1965-68)

Escapade (7 vintage adult magazines bound together, 1965-68)

SKU: 125358

Derby, CT: Bruce-Royal Publishing, 1965-68. Seven issues of vintage adult magazines, amateurly but solidly bound together at the spines, blank paper spine. A solid men's magazine with some of the best fiction, articles, and photography. B/W/Color. V10 N5, Aug 1965: Ted Mark, Slapstick comedy, Susanna Barnes, University of Texas, Lou Myers, Hannah Moore, shoes, Vienna horses, Kay Stearn, Hoest. V11 N1, Dec 1965: Richard Gallagher, Alex Austin, Nat Finkelstein, Anna Karol, Tina Carter, Cee Cee Collins, Magic mushrooms, Shirley Clarke, Rutgers University.   V11 N2, Feb 1966: Bob Abel, Jacques Baroche, Mamie Van Doren, Maggie Wallace, S. Harris, Marquis de Sade, Roger Vadim, James Bond, witchcraft. [Incorporating Gentleman] V11 N4, Jun 1966: John Christopher, Mort Gerberg, Lynn/Nadajda/Monique [Sam Haskins / Phil Jacobson / Bill Hamitlon], surfing, Superman. [Incorporating Gentleman]: V12 N1, Jan 1967: NY, Avant Publishing, Jack Kerouac, Miriam Benedict, Arnold Swiller, Wende Wagner, Schellie Taylor, Erina Hofner, Lotte Cass, Michelle Beauchamps, Lucky Wynn, Hank Chisolm Batman flashlight, flying saucers. V12 N8, November 1967: Wendy Bannister, Zoran Veljkoviv, Joel Aronson, Marie Josee Echevarria, Ursula, Francesca Rossano, Mike Thaler, Archie Shepp, Ira Wallach, Vietnam diary, The Mothers of Invention. V13 N7, August 1968: NY, See Magazines, Herman Petras, H.F. Mantee, Jerry Lieberman, Ernie Kovacs, Terry Southern, June Palmer, Christiane Simon, Kathy Cordon, Vincene Cradduck, Valerie Wayne, Michelle Angelo ad, Art Lutner, Stan Fine, de Carlo, "Red-Dirt Marijuana," Taylor Mead. Very Good Plus overall, front and rear blank covers excised. Full collation upon request. [Book ID 125358] [Magazines]


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