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Explicit Family Books (7 vintage adult paperbacks, 1980s)

Explicit Family Books (7 vintage adult paperbacks, 1980s)

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Gordon, Gilbert, and Jason Johnson, Walter Ramsden, Vince Redding, Lesley Tucker, Pauline Wyatt, Valerie Peterson (authors)

N. Hollywood, CA: American Art Enterprises, 1984-85. Seven vintage adult paperbacks, distributed by Parliament News, featuring incest or otherwise family related themes, color photo covers (likely images from 1970s; later issues w/ illustrated covers). AAE & Parliament issued several series that reprinted titles from the 1970s, often stating reprint dates on the copyright pages. These are w/out reprint dates, presume Paperback Originals. Maybe 25-50 titles in series. Marlowe Sales, Gourmet Video ads featured.


A Lustful Family Reunion - EFB107, 1984. Mom Does It Best - EFB109, 1984. The Whole Family Cums - EFB120, 1984. Hot Family / Mouth Style - EFB122, 1984. The "Hole" Family Gets Used - EFB135, 1984. Taught Sex & Remembering - EFB163, 1985. Swing: Anywhere, Anytime - EFB164, 1985.


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