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Expose Detective (Vintage true crime magazine, Dec 1967)

Expose Detective (Vintage true crime magazine, Dec 1967)

SKU: 125954

Franklin, Bill, and Larry Warren, Walter T. Pinkerton, Harry F. White, Jeff Grantley, Loy Warwick, Brad French, Jim Morris, Will Grant, Maria Ortez (contributors)

Port Chester, NY: Jalart House, 1967. December 1967 (no series numbers); distributed by Kable News, previously published by Atlas (1940s), Skye (1956). Vintage true crime & crime fiction exploitation magazine. B/W photos of professional models playing victim/perp, similar to Fawcett magazines, w/ gun molls & femme fatales. Great cover photo of natural woman w/ red hot lips, passing a revolver to a friendly male hand. Prison bars cover. Fiction throughout, essentially short accounts of crimes committed w/ names changed to protect the innocent. Ties to Futura Books, Adam Magazine. Why some women go to prison, whiskey perils, ghouls, fortune teller, police criteria, car hops, farmer takes a wife, murderous husbands, death row, flaming redheads, lesbian love, sex sadists, Joe Valachi, ads (Capra Gems, Lili St. Cyr lingerie, life-size go-go girls, Joe Weider, Shirley Kilpatrick, black Margo Renee). Very Good Plus, tiny tears/creases, slight roll, brief ink on rear panel. Scarce. Alan Betrock, "The Illustrated Price Guide to Cult Magazines," 1994. Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013 (Skye series).  [Book ID: 125954]  [Magazines]


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