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Eye [People and Pictures] (11 vintage tabloid pin-up digest magazines, 1952-54)

Eye [People and Pictures] (11 vintage tabloid pin-up digest magazines, 1952-54)

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[Mutual Magazine Corp.]


Eye [People and Pictures] (11 vintage digest magazines, 1952-54)


New York: Mutual Magazine Corp., 1952-54. Distributed by ID/Atlas. B/W throughout, ~130pp. Eleven vintage digest magazines featuring non-nude pinups, celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuits, burlesque, war themes, copious photos & great models. Began as large format tabloid. Similar to Foto-rama, Pic, Tab, Vue. 


1952 - 

V2 N7, September: Bob Willoughby, Don Ornitz, Russ Meyer, snake-eater.


1953 - 

V3 N1, January: Rosemarie Bowe, Peter Samerjan, Elaine Stewart, Marilyn Monroe.

V3 N5, May: Gowland, Marilyn Monroe, Roy Kemp, Craig Rice.

V3 N6, June: Jane Russell, Bruno Bernard, Keith Bernard, witchcraft, Hitler's gold.

V3 N7, July: Keolaha Keaki, Jo Ann Arnold, Samuel Wu, Monique Van Vooren. 

V3 N9, September: Trudy Williams, Manny Fuchs, Marilyn Monroe, Jennie Lee.

V3 N10, October: Gloria Pall, Chicago dope, matadors, Eve Meyer, tiger sharks.


1954 - 

V4 N1, January: David Sutton, Earl Leaf, Jane Easton, Rumanian doctors, Abbe Lane.

V4 N2, February: Kathy Marlowe, Pitti stunt family, Jackie Gleason girls, Lili St. Cyr. 

V4 N4, April: Carolfae Petersen, stingrays, Dolores Donlon, Al Capone, Lollobrigida.

V4 N5, May: Bunny Yeager, Larry Barbier, Rita Moreno, jailbreak, Irish McCalla.


Very Good Plus overall, some w/ "Calderwood Bros, Johnstown, NY" blindstamp on front.


Full collation details upon request.


    Returns can be made within 30 days. 

    Thanks! Looking forward.

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