Eye [People and Pictures] (4 vintage tabloid pin-up digest magazines, 1955-56)

Eye [People and Pictures] (4 vintage tabloid pin-up digest magazines, 1955-56)

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New York: Mutual Magazine Corp., 1955-56. Distributed by ID/Atlas. B/W throughout, 130pp. Vintage long-running non-nude pin-up digest magazines devoted to celebrities, sports, vice, truce crime, swimsuit models, burlesque, wartime themes, loaded w/ photographs & great models. Similar to FOTORAMA, PIC, TAB, VUE, etc. V5 N2, APR 1955: Dawn Oney cover! Photographers: Peter Gowland, Bunny Yeager, Kurt Severin, Gary Wagner, Irv Carsten, Melcher-Berressy, Carl Perutz, Earl Leaf, Bob Smith, Phil Bath, Dave Sutton, Russ Meyer, Foldes, Eric Herman, Herb Flatow, Keith Bernard. Bettie Page 9pp layout, underwater python wrestle, house favorite Barbara Nichols 10pp, rock climbing, Gwen Caldwell, Paris vice alleys, Marilyn Robbins, Carol Lauritzen, house favorite leggy Irish McCalla as Sheena 8pp, Alaskan Lilly Lamont, true-crime Diane Wells.   V5 N3, JUN 1955: Joi Lansing cover/layout! Photographers: Keith Bernard, Ray Jacobs, Ewing Galloway, Curt Gunther, Stan Wayman, Hugh Bell, Sol Libsohn, Bunny Yeager, Roland Patterson, Dave Sutton, Lennart Nilsson, F. Roy Kemp, Larry Barbier. Ziva Shapir, lions, Dorothy Rowand, pro wrestling, Carol Blake, dancer Larri Thomas, whitewater rafting, back alley Broadway, Terry Shaw, Lisa Daniels, ant wars, Margie Duncan, Dominique Wilmes, Yvonne Preble, Ray Ryan. V6 N1, FEB 1956: June McCall cover?? Photographers: Irene Stettner, Andre de Dienes, Peter Gowland, George Barris, Curt Gunther, Edward Lettau, Bunny Yeager, Peter Basch, Stan Young, Larry Barbier, Ray Houlihan, Jurgen Jacobsen, Bob Halmi, Archie Lieberman, Joe Guarino, George Barris, Vincent Mercaldo, Herb Mott, Duryee, Bob & Ira Spring. Venetia Stevenson, deep sea rescue, mentally ill men, Janet Roland & NY trivia, boxing, Volkswagens, Lili Lisande, Joyce Taylor, Joan Tyler, animal cartoons, film fist-punchers, Dotty O'Donnell, blind kids, Priscilla Darbin, ice climbing, Lorri Adams, frontier killer.   V6 N3, JUN 1956: Pat Parker cover/layout! Photographers: Blackwell, David Fisher, Ed Lettau, Christa, Walt Wiggins, Irv Carsten, Ray Hellrigel, G. Posner, Tom Caffrey, David Sutton, Vic Prezio, Charles Berger, Joe Guarino, Harry Maxwell, Joe Zabinski, Don Ornitz, John Gerard, Earl Leaf, Wil Blanche, Phillip March, Maynard Duncan, Ray Houlihan, Bill Mark. Arsonists, Iris Bristol, Rosemary Bowe, Holly Caroll, Bill Edwards art 1.25pp, Lili Lisande, "Miss Crash Happy," Rusty Fisher, killer coyote, baseball jargon, Jayne Mansfield yoga 6pp, Mexican pageants, humor (Harley, Roy Williams, Homer), Peggy Ray, Penny Duncan. Very Good Plus overall. [Book ID 125331] [Magazines]


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