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Eye: People and Pictures (Vintage tabloid magazine, May 1949)

Eye: People and Pictures (Vintage tabloid magazine, May 1949)

SKU: 125529

Ewing Krainin, Terrence Dorrity, INP, Acme, Christopher Stephens, George Rodger, Schonfield, Graphic House, Pix, Keystone, Wide World, El Morocco, Eagle-Lion, Republic, Regal Films, Warner Bros., MGM, United Artists, Stork Club, Shaw, macmillan, Trocadero, Universal, Bob Smallman, Miami Herald, NY Daily Mirror, Michel of Paris, Bradley Smith, Richard Moorsteen, Earl Leaf (photographers)


Eye: People and Pictures (Vintage tabloid magazine, May 1949)


New York: Eye Publishing Corp., 1949. V1 N1, May 1949, premiere issue; 10.25 x 13.5 inches, B/W throughout, color cover, 50pp, distributed by Kable/ID (presumed, logos on front). Vintage tabloid magazine devoted to celebrities, war events & efforts, sports, culture, great classic ads, brief pinup. Several full-page photographs. Long-running, later as a digest, laden w/ pinups. These larger early issues are scarce.


Lynn Dalton covergirl, George Schullin (the Rockefellers), Peggy Plummer (Krainin), African snake dance, art controversies (nudes), Walter Walker (psychiatry), sports faces, Hollywood marriages, flour sack bathing suits, caught criminals, high-speed photography, Baltimore slums (B. Smith), Kay Hammond & Pierre Schlisler, film canine Drum Major, Miss France of '49, Huey & Russell Long.


Very Good Plus, tiny bruise/tear to front. [Book ID 125529] [Magazines]


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