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Famous Paris Models [The Most Glamorous Girls...] (Vintage pinup magazine, 1953)

Famous Paris Models [The Most Glamorous Girls...] (Vintage pinup magazine, 1953)

SKU: 126337

Walters, Claire (ed.); Helen Suarez (assoc. ed.); Bernard Levine (photography)


Famous Paris Models [The Most Glamorous Girls in the World] (Vintage pinup magazine, 1953)


New York: Picture Magazines, 1953. V1 N8, February 1953; distributed by ID/IND, bimonthly, B/W throughout, 66pp, 25 cents cover price, side-stapled/perfect-bound. Vintage non-nude pinup magazine devoted to celebrities, swimsuits, burlesque, copious photographs & great models. Similar to the later "Glamorous Models," but photographers uncredited, ties to "Famous Models."


Barbara Osterman in green cover, H.J. Collins ad rear cover. Paulette 5pp, Rene Bardy Parisian Ziegfield 3pp (Marie de Lamor, Desia D'Orsay, Janin Cusin, Ami Aoroe, Letta Mooney, Mina Felgate), Claude D'Arly 3pp, Apache dance 4pp, Bluebell Girls 3pp (Denise Carpenter, Kim Kimber, Stella Hall, Toni Howell), Moulin Rouge 3pp (Michele, Vera), El Champs 2pp (Giselle, Odette, Monique, Rhachida, Maria), The Romance 2pp (Paulette, Laure Lord), Margie Lee 2pp, troops entertained 4pp (Janet Leigh, Tony Curtis, Rhonda Fleming, Vic Damone, Frank Sinatra), Girette Sinclair 2pp, Le Drap D'Or 2pp, Maria & Lina 3pp, Jackie Frost 3pp, Martine  & Sylvia Pelayo 1pp, Sheree North 2pp, Fran Keegan 1pp, Mari-Anne Schmidt 1pp, ads (Healthcraft, Excelsior Institute, Carl Brandenfels, Tijuana bibles). 


Very Good, 1 large cut, 1pp loose but present. [Book ID 126337] [Magazines]


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