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Femzine, No. 1 (First Edition)

Femzine, No. 1 (First Edition)

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[Offutt, Andrew J.] Black, William (ed., pub., illus., writer); Craig Zablo (ass. ed.); Terry Austin, John Beatty, Willie Blyberg, R.C. Harvey, Jeff Jones, Bob McLeod (illus.); T. Casey Brennan, Bob Greene (writers)


Femzine, No. 1 (First Edition)


Longwood, FL: Paragon Publications, 1981. No. 1, octavo softcover, 38pp, saddle-stapled, b/w throughout, color wrapper. Underground fanzine featuring femme-centric action comics and articles, notably "Miss Victory," "The All Girl Squad," Irish McCalla as "Sheena, Queen of the Jungle" (w/ title sequence stills), "Spygirl," and "Phantom Lady." From the estate of Andrew J. Offutt, without his usual "Ao" initials or stamp, but with his editorial "enhancements" to several pages, consisting mainly of adding blue color to hair in "Phantom Lady." Offutt was an avid science fiction author noted for "Conan"-themed fantasies, debuted as a published writer in 1951, and wrote 100s of erotic novels pseudonymously as John Cleve, Turk Winter, John Denis, Jeff Morehead, Opal Andrews, among others. The "Spaceways" series is perhaps his ultimate collaboration between science fiction and erotica. Most institutions without personal material. This series published by Black, who worked at Marvel Comics on "The Invaders" and "What If?" series, and started Paragon in 1969. Very Good, foxing, brief tears, faint roll.


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