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Fetish Dreams (4 vintage adult paperbacks, 1992-94)

Fetish Dreams (4 vintage adult paperbacks, 1992-94)

SKU: 125791

New York: Star Distributors, 1992-94. Four vintage adult paperbacks from arguably the largest distributor of its time, w/ an aim at fetish themes & Esposito painted illus. covers & later photo covers. Maybe 50+ titles in the series? Sex Circus (FT125, 1992, Great snake-dancer cover, Small-time circus theme). Erica's Sex Toy (FT132, 1992, reprints 1989 edition, Nude beaches, fraud). Brutal Lesbian Lust (FT158, 1994, reprints "Lesbian Sadists" 1984, & 1991 edition, Rope theme). Catfight Pleasures (FT159, 1994, reprints "Vixen Action" 1987, WACS wrestling team). Very Good Plus overall, remainders.  [Book ID: 125791]  [Vintage Paperbacks (VP)]


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