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Figure studies (5 vintage photography magazines bound together)

Figure studies (5 vintage photography magazines bound together)

SKU: 125605

Various cities: Various Publishers, 1954-57. Five vintage model & nude pin-up magazines featuring figure studies by top photographers, often a prolific model/celebrity woman, aimed at advancing techniques in the field of photographing the female form, likely newsstand worthy, above-the-counter. These early photography magazines were mass produced on pulp, mostly B/W photography, album-style layouts. Primitively but solidly bound together at the spines, w/ blank paper spine, wrapper & endpapers; uniformly trimmed & page edges dyed. Presumably made by amateur binder or hobbyist, perhaps collected for certain authors/models/artists. Very Good Plus overall. Charm Photography (first three issues!) V1 N1, 1955. NY: Affiliated Magazines, [1954]. Tina Louise front/rear covers! Rawlings, Engstead (Marlene Dietrich, Dawn Addams, Sarah Shane), Beattie (Mary Martin, Eva Gabor), Stearns (Nan Rees, Babs Beckwith), De Dienes (Barbara Payton, Betty von Furstenberg), Strate, Gowland (Betty Hanson, Joyce Coates, hot Barb Osterman, Jo Ann Arnold?), Christa, Prigent, Yulsman, Christy (Joan Fetherston), Bernard of Hollywood (Lili St. Cyr, Mitzi Gaynor, Jeanne Crain), Puhn, Grundy, De Morgoli (Elaine Stewart, Marilyn Monroe 1pp). Glamour history. V1 N2, 1955. NY: Popular Library. Dan Wynn cover! De Beausacq, Grundy (Barbara Loden, Alice Denham, Pat White, Lili Lisande), Wynn, Stearns (Ann Sothern, Lilli Palmer), De Morgoli, Basch, Perutz (Bal Tabarin can-can), Dutkovich, Gigli (Deedee Wood, Gwen Verdon), Cook (Rossana Podesta), Wayman, Parker, De Dienes (Vikki Dougan, Ann Francis, Ursula Theiss, Liz Taylor). V1 N3, 1956. NY: Literary Enterprises. Dan Wynn cover! Nepo, Krieger, Gigli (Hildegarde Neff, Gwen Verdon), Schatzberg, Laden, Dimitri, Russell (Elsa Martinelli), Basch (Lita Milan, Kim Novak), Young, Relang (Ursula Theiss), Baron (Jean Simmons), Wynn, Slade, Lettau. Professional Photography [presumed one-shot issue] [V1 N1], 1957. NY: MACO Magazine Corporation. David Linton cover/centerfold! P.F. Patellani (Elsa Martinelli), Wynn Bullock, Howell Conant, Jerry Dantzig, Ed Lettau (Jayne Hacklin, Donna Dettaan), Don Ornitz (Elsa Martinelli, Venetia Stevenson), Jerry Yulsman, Rene Groebli, Peter Martin, Larry Colwell, Douglas Grundy (Jeri Demick), Austin Bishop, Rolf Winquist (Marianne Hermansson), Anthony Guyther, Urs Lang-Kurz, Don Briggs, Hans Schreiner, Gene Cook (Rossana Podesta, Sophia Loren), Wil Blanche (Doris Fesette, Peggy Ray), Don Bishop, David Moore, Leonard McCommbe (Jeanne Bal), Lies Wiegman, Scott Hyde, Ed Feingersh, Albert Gruen (Rosanna Rory), Henk Jonker, Alfred Wertheimer, Lennert Nillson, Ferene Berko, A. John Geraci, Carl Perutz, E.J. Pfizenmaier. Beauty Photography V1 N1, 1957. NY: Male Publishing Corp (Martin Goodman). Des Russell (Elsa Martinelli), Russ Meyer (Diane Webber), Vincent (Betty Rae), Jerry Yulsman (Jayne Hacklin), David Preston (Anita Ekberg), Andre de Dienes (Anita Ekberg, Stephanie Griffiin, Julie Newmar), Peter Gowland (Venetia Stevenson, Mara Corday, Barbara Wilson), Peter Basch (Judy Foster, Tanya Velya, Tina Louise, Marjorie Hellen), Irene Stettner, David Linton, Stan Wayman, Carl Perutz, Earl Leaf, Will Blanche (Julie Newmar, Frances Bek), Keith Bernard (Claire Kelly), Ted Russell (Jane Hacklin), Lou Stettner (Sara Amen), Stan Young (Wynn Cunningham), Ed Lettau, Brigitte Bardot, Giorgio de Giorgi (Georgia Moll), Cecile Aubrey, Rosanna Podesta, Peter Martin (Genny Gaylor), John Florea (Marilyn Monroe singing 1pp).   [Book ID: 125605]  [Magazines]


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