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Flagellation, leather, breast fetish (107 original photographs, 1960s)

Flagellation, leather, breast fetish (107 original photographs, 1960s)

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[Jack the Binder]


Flagellation, leather, breast fetish (107 original photographs, 1960s)


New York: N.p., 1960s. 107 original black-and-white photographic plates featuring fetish scenes, women wrapped in rope, leather, bound to furniture and to themselves, being flogged by men and women, some wearing robes or hoods, several participants wearing oral restraints, and several photos of breasts, presumably the work of England's "Jack the Binder." Glossy proofs like these were usually bound into a book, usually an erotic, adults-only novel with similar themes, and the custom was somewhat regular in the underground publishing market during progressive movements of the 1960s and 1970s. "Jack" was a fetish photographer who in the 1960s specialized in "breast play," lactation, clips, clamps, and flagellation, generally work that went unrivaled, while most of the New York camera clubs and the Klaw siblings producing similar photos at the time focused on rope work, leather and footwear. For the consenting, discriminating collector, recalling the erotic fantasy work of John Willie, Eric Stanton, and Jack. Willie and Stanton collections are held institutionally, albeit sparsely, with Jack the Binder work almost solely privately held, not in OCLC. Photos 5 x 7.5 inches, single-weight, small white border, blank verso. Very Good Plus overall, with foxing at the edges. From the estate of noted eroticist and science fiction author, Andrew J. Offutt.


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