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Fling (10 vintage adult digest magazines, 1957-59)

Fling (10 vintage adult digest magazines, 1957-59)

SKU: 125882

Miller, Arv (editor, publisher); Eugene Troobnick, Fred Gordon (editors); Bunny Yeager, Russ Meyer, Jerry Yulsman, Peter Gowland, Leo Fuchs, Ron Vogel, James Pappas, Keith Bernard, et al. (photography)

Chicago, IL: Relim Publishing Co., 1957-59. Ten vintage adult digest magazines emphasizing buxom women, focus on art, fiction, international culture, some lean towards French interest. Began as a digest magazine w/ foldout centerfolds, always featured the best models/photographers (like Russ Meyer), folded in mid 1990s. Arguably the slickest of its kind. Early issues featured "Gift Stamps" that could be excised and redeemed for novelty gifts. B/W/Color throughout, ~82pp. Sometimes as "Fling: Passport to Pleasure." Worthy "Gent" competitor. Included are issues from its early days, notably the first four, when still formatted as a digest: V1 N1, 1957 (Jack Howard cover, Bunny Yeager, Art Buchwald, Alberto Moravia, Russ Meyer, Charles Dennis, Fling Folio "pullout" Jackie Miller, French comic book, Texan Lee Sharon 6pp); V1 N2, 1957: Robert Sutz cover, Russ Meyer, S.J. Perelman, Maguerite Duras, Arv Miller, Karnes, Egad, Don Simmons, Richard Loehle, Andre de Dienes, Sabrina 4pp, Texas Laura Haney, Fling Folio (Alice Denham color centerfold, Pichard's Paris), exotic woman bathing 6pp Dienes; V1 N3, 1957 (Justin Wagner cover, Bips, William Saroyan, Mark Twain, Charles Baudelaire, Shelly Terman, J.G. Farris, Fling Folio Pat Morris, French cartoons, Sisi of Paris 5pp); V1 N4, 1957: Bill Hume, PIP, Jay Michaels, Raymond Parrish, True Bowen, James L. Harte, Robert Larr, Paul Morand, Georg Michalke, Lyn Shaw, Fling Folio (Barbara Karwath, Bill Hume Japan cartoons), nudist colony fiction, Sophia Loren, limericks; V1 N9, 1958 (Jerry Yulsman cover, Pictorial Press, R. Meyer, Arnold Rubenstein, V.R. Francis, Earle Schell, Polvogt, Lindensmith, Don Margolis, Catherine the Great, Fling Folio Greta Thyssen, Canadian cartoons, Madeline Castle 5pp); V1 N10, 1958: Peter Gowland cover, James T. Farrell, Leo Fuchs, Ron Vogel, V.R. Francis, Jules Archer, James Paulis, B. Wiseman, Don Margolis, Peter Gourfain; Ann Peters, Juan Manuel Fangio Grand Prix driver, King's Harem gatefold (Virginia Bell), Yvonne Monlaur; V1 N11, 1959 (Peter Gowland cover, Leo Fuchs, R. Meyer, Charles Boeckman, Connie Sellers, Peg Roth Haag, "Mlle Hot Stuff" comicstrip, German Anna Marie Bauman, King's Harem gatefold Hope Hathaway, Michiko Maruo, Valerie Rogers, Johnny Dante club, Virginia Gordon); V1 N13, 1959 (Ron Vogel cover/gatefold Jean Jani, James Pappas, R. Meyer, Ben Benson, Robert Bonfils, Julie Jordan bath 6pp, "I Married a Teen-Age Fly" comicstrip, Hemingway, "Dope Ship" film Virginia De Lee, Sandy Lane, Virginia Gordon); V1 N14, 1959 (Art Messick cover Madeline Castle, Bernie Abramson, R. Meyer, Wm. Stuart & George Dazor, Paul Brock, Margolis as Silogram, Danny Allen, Janet Dane outdoors, Virginia Gordon gatefold/5pp, Oscar Wilde, June Wilkinson bath, Freddi Robbins, Bambi Hamilton); V1 N15, 1959 (Keith Bernard cover, Vista Photos, Irv Carsten, Dorothy Gunn, Eva Grant, R. Vogel, Vino, Albistur, Caren Castro, Humphrey Bogart, Bambi Hamilton poolside gatefold/5pp, Zsa Zsa Gabor, circus story, Rosa Dalmai aka Eve Eden, Virginia Bell). Very Good overall. Full collation upon request. Todd Frye, "Collecting Vintage Men's Magazines," 2013.  [Book ID: 125882]  [Magazines]


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