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Fling (Vintage adult magazine, 1978)

Fling (Vintage adult magazine, 1978)

SKU: 125837

California: Relim Publishing Co., 1978. V21 N2, Sep 1978. Bi-monthly. B/W/Color throughout. Adult magazine emphasizing buxom women, focuses on art, literature, film. Began as a digest magazine w/ foldout centerfolds, always featured the best models/photographers (like Russ Meyer). Arguably the slickest of its kind. Roxy Brewer cover & ad, Norman Mailer, fantastic Wendy Marlow outdoors, Yum Yum English vignette, Anton La Vey vignette, Freud, 60-minute O, classic Roberta Pedon as Melody O'Hare 4pp, Dani Fabroso aka Mary Waters 7pp/cf, Clem art, Rene Bond ad, Rolls Royce, John MacArthur, Kip art, CB radio, buxom Ann Marie 4pp, softcore couple.   Very Good.  [Book ID: 125837]  [Magazines]


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