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Follies (Vintage adult magazine, Michelle Angelo cover, 1969)

Follies (Vintage adult magazine, Michelle Angelo cover, 1969)

SKU: 126190

Stearn, Allen (publisher); Frank Herbert, Jerome Clarke (eds.); uncredited, Bunny Yeager (photography)


Follies (Vintage adult magazine, Michelle Angelo cover, 1969)


New York: Magtab Publishing, 1969. V13 N2, May 1969; distributed by KF, B/W/Color throughout, 75 cents cover price, 82pp, saddle-stapled. Vintage adult magazine devoted to nude women, sex news, astrology, copious photographs. Series began mid 1950s, ceased early 1970s, maybe 100 issues. Similar to Frolic, Gala, & countless pinup digests of 1950s.


Featuring Michelle Angelo front cover/4pp/2 ads (1 as Kim Marlow); Angelo a Texas native & prolific curvaceous 1960s model, notably a familiar face (& bust) in Parliament News magazines & paperbacks, acted in films & "nude loops". Brandon House paperbacks show her lush dimensions & girl-next-door appeal regularly, a few other appearances from less reputable publishers.


Charles Atlas ad rear cover, blonde Barbara Allison 2pp, "College Girls" film (drugs, A.C. Stephen), Jan Courbin outdoors 3pp, Topless Tara & snake 3pp, blonde favorite Louise Thompson & chair 2pp, outoodrs (Joy Mills, Carol Peters, Gail Williams, Debbie Parker, Marianne Jensen, Angela Wills, Batters model Deborah Downey, Lindy Bond, Sandi Frost, Ellie Evans, Zenia Fern, Joanie Byrnes), sisters Frances & Janette Shelby 2pp, astrology (Betta Marsh, Jane Howard, Jane Randall, Beth Leslie, Cindy Lee, Marry Flagg, Bunny Duke, Lydia Farrell, Buffy Jones, Linda Manners, Linda Francis, Lisa Loring), Candy Elkins outdoors 3pp, Mia Laverne 1pp, Wendy Wall 2pp/centerfold (Yeager), Joan Parks at Will Rogers State Park 3pp, Anna Lie & Jackie Volat 1pp, Dolly Sherry sunbathing 4pp, Lil Valentine 2pp, buxom Rochelle Kennedy 2pp, May August at window 2pp, Toni Sheilds 1pp, Mady Sorel 1pp, Marion Fiske 1pp, Lonnie Marks 1pp, Kathy Dee 1pp, Tatiana Teran 1pp, Ann Peters 1pp, Barbara Carter 1pp, Corinne Chambord 1pp, vignettes (Deanna Adams, Christine Rowland, Jackie Dee, Julie Cole, Verna Pace, Pipi Pietro, Paula Bryan, Nadia Lias, Hope Chest); ads (Eleganza, John Amslow, Barmar, Greenwich Village Books, Gift King doll, Lili St. Cyr underwear, Cherrie Knight films, Bettie Page, stag movies, Man International facial hair).


Very Good Plus, corner crease to front, faint wrinkles. [Book ID 126190] [Magazines]


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