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For Men Only (vintage adult magazine, 1959)

For Men Only (vintage adult magazine, 1959)

SKU: 125388

Sarlat, Noah, and Marvin Karp, K.T. Meyer, V.A. Jirsa, E.L. Heyman, Bill Gahan, Suzanne Phillips (eds.); Larry Graber (art dir.); George Mandel, Monroe Fry, Capt. Graeme Panton, Ralph Barker, Neil Pritchie, Glenn D. Kittler (contributors); Mort Kunstler, Chilly, J. Bonestell, Bo Brown, Al Rossi, Harry Schaare, Samson Pollen, Herb Mott, Geo Gately, Dennis, Lloyd Baker (art); Wide World, UPI, Penguin, Columbia Pictures, Black Star, Minnesota Historical Society (photography)


For Men Only (Vintage adventure magazine, 1959)


New York: Newsstand Publications, 1959. V6 N2, Feb 1959; distributor IND, 25 cents cover price, B/W/Duochrome throughout, 82pp, side-stapled/perfect-bound. Vintage adventure magazine devoted to western/adventure/war themes, cartoons, brief non-nude pinup, vice, reader letters. Ran 1950s-70s, later pornographic, Martin Cruz Smith former contributor. Makers of Sportsman, True Action, Ken for Men, Man's World, Men, Male, Stag, Adventure Life, Battlefield.


Mort Kunstler cover art, Charles Atlas rear cover ad. "Sgt. 'Shotgun' Schultz", goldhunter George Campbell Carson, Gestapo torture, Texas gunslinger in Panama, fantastic Terry Higgins 4pp (photog. uncred.), Lt. Ted Strever, GI girls, Minnesota fires, ; ads (Duraclean, LaSalle Extension Univ., Lawrence Welk, hair loss, Frederick's, Nat'l School Meat Cutting, Jayne Mansfield catalog, radio).


Near Fine, faint toning. [Book ID 125388] [Magazines]


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